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  • klpac 吉隆坡表演藝術中心 / Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 馬來西亞
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Taiwan X Malaysia  Musician  Exchange is officially supported by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID). The event aims for building strong bilateral relationship of Music industry, improving business networking, broadening the market, and deepening the cultural and economic cooperation.








Enno Cheng is a Taiwanese indie singer-songwriter, actress, and playwright. In 2011, she published her first personal album Neptune, appreciated for her distinctive personal style. To explore more possibilities in music, she formed the band Chocolate Tiger, and later founded another special project Felix Felicis with her friends from other bands. She adopts significantly different styles in various stages, displaying her ambition to develop diverse interests.


            Enno has participated in the production of four albums since 2007, and has performed both individually and with her band(s) in major music festivals in Taiwan and overseas, including SXSW (U.S.), Formoz Festival (TW), MegaPort Festival (TW), RockIn Taichung Music Festival (TW), Wake Up Festival (TW), and Simple Life (TW). She opened for Broken Social Scene in their concert in Taipei, Taiwan.


            Enno released her second personal album in 2017. She is the sole author and arranger of all the tracks, and she also takes part in production. Enno’s solo project is her singing and playing the acoustic guitar alone. Her warm singing tone, poetic, forbearing and contagious lyrics, and her candid manner have influenced many young people in Taiwan for the past years.

鄭宜農,不斷變化的美麗星球、難以捉摸的的音樂詩人。擅長以溫暖真誠的口吻,搭配獨特的情緒感染力,總是讓觀眾輕易地進入他的音樂之中,成為一體。豐沛的創作能量、自信又充滿才華的特質,使鄭宜農一直頗受年輕族群的喜愛,在2018〈趨光 phototaxis〉演唱會後更被歌迷稱為「我們的光」。




如今,鄭宜農以一個終於完整的姿態,在充滿厭世感的當今,堅守著填補每一個聽者身而為人,與身俱來的孤獨之嚮往。持續著敏感詩意的詞曲風格,但她想說、想讓大家聽見的,卻是有別以往,超越了自身的群體意志,那是人最基本的情感需求,無法以形式定義,趨向根本的感受投射。也因此,堅持著每一首歌的對話對象,都不會只是情人、朋友、愛人,而是「人」這種生物本身。我們可以說,《給天王星》是一張更趨近生命本質的作品,而其所建構的形象,也是鄭宜農走過這三十年歲月,終將走向的姿態 - 一個永遠不會為簡單的辨識方法停下腳步的思想者。



大象體操 Elephant Gym

Elephant Gym -

Elephant Gym is a bass driven, Math-Rock trio from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Formed in 2012, the

band is known for melodic and Finger - Tapping bass line, funky and emotional guitar riffs and

time - signature - changing drumming. Most of their songs are instrumental. Since they

released the first album “ANGLE” in 2014, they have attracted attention around the world and

have been invited to Summer Sonic (Japan), Super Strawberry Festival (China), Music Matters

(Singapore), Mega Port Festival (Taiwan) and many other significant Festivals in Asia. In 2018,

Elephant Gym worked with Top Shelf Records in the US, Words Recordings in Japan and

Space Circle in China to release their second album“Underwater”worldwide and started their

first world tour (Canada, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore,

USA, Taiwan and etc.) Shows in Toronto, Tokyo, Malaysia, and Singapore were sold out.

Moreover, they sold out all tickets in every USA show. Besides rock music, Elephant Gym is

also fond of other art forms. The band has collaborated with Japanese R&B band, WONK,

Taiwan aboriginal singers, film directors, modern dance group, and theater actors trying to

create a complete art world of Elephant Gym.


大象體操,2012年組成,來自臺灣-高雄,以BASS/鼓/吉他為主要編制的Math-Rock(數學/數字搖滾)樂團,成立即受世界各地的另類搖滾樂迷關注,音樂作品於美國、日本、中國、台灣等各國發行並活躍於SXSW(美國)、Summer Sonic(日本)、Music Matters(新加坡)等國際音樂節。一般歌曲中常被忽略的低音BASS在大象體操卻是主要帶領樂器,曲中節奏變化豐富,旋律輕巧流暢、富情緒張力,團名以大象象徵BASS,體操則表示曲中的特殊節奏。近年大象體操除於世界巡演,更不斷挑戰現場演出框架 - 搭建特製帳篷環形舞台 ; 與舞者、演員共同創作 ; 於古典音樂廳、劇場舉辦跨界巡迴。



Chalaw is a young Pangcah man passionate about music. Growing up near Hualien on Taiwan's east coast, he started playing the guitar at the age of 6, drums at the age of 11, and was working as a sound engineer by the age of 20 in taipei city. A love of music has always been a constant motivating force for Chalaw, but at the same time he has never forgotten that the blood of the 
Pangcah flows through his veins, and he retains a sense of duty as a Pangcah aboriginal. So, at age 36, determined to find a way to combine these two important influences in his life, Chalaw quit his 
job, and returned to his hometown of Ganshujiao in Hualien County to make music true to his life experiences. He picked up his guitar and composed songs based in part on a deep feeling for nature 
and the world around him. At the same time, he also examined the challenges in his own life and the tensions that exist between younger generations of Pangcah people and the traditional way of 
life of the Pangcah. Chalaw is not just a singer-songwriter – he is also a documentarian of sorts, using music to record and preserve the disappearing memories of his people.




Pastel Lite

Pastel Lite is an indie pop duo from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Formed in 2012, the band consists of Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq. They play pop electronic indie music whilst keeping it experimental from time to time.

大馬實驗性電子樂團,由Eff HakimMohd Faliq組成。樂團在2014年發行首當單曲後,在2017年發行Balada專輯,共收錄10首歌曲。曲風前衛,有強烈實驗性質,藉由微妙聲波與電子旋律發展出獨樹一格的樂團類型。在Youtube上架的2MV也非常有自己的個性,挑戰新的視聽覺刺激。

注意事項資訊為:一人限索取票卷一張,本活動為免費入場,請提早至入場處排隊依序入場,現場座位有限 額滿為止。謝謝您的合作!




klpac 吉隆坡表演藝術中心 / Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 馬來西亞

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